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Wireless A & V Transmitter.

VDV-100 AM

The Vidi-View package includes:
Vidi-View Transmitter Unit
Vidi-View Receiver Unit
Instruction Manual
DC power supplies
UHF antenna loop
RF Cables
RCA A/V Cable
1 year warranty Card
The new Vidicraft Vidi-View VCR wireless system is a 2-channel system that allows you the user to send, within its designed range, video and audio signals by radio waves to a remote television receiver for viewing of a video tape, camera, or a computer. It gives your VCR that extended arm of allowing you to view it anywhere in your home or office within a range of 100 feet without the inconvenience of running cables. You could also use this device in a surveillance environment saving you from running long lengths of cable from the camera.